Guide to hot foil stamping

I get a lot of enquiries about adding effects to wedding stationery, so for the next few weeks, I'll be discussing all the different effects and techniques that can make your stationery really stand out.

The technique I get asked about the most is hot foil stamping. Metallic accents look lovely on wedding stationery and can elevate a design. Currently the most popular metallic colours for wedding stationery are gold, rose gold and copper. However, hot foil is available in a wide variety of metallic, glossy and matte colours.

Hot foil stamping is a speciality printing process that can be time consuming and add cost to your final stationery.

This is because each hot foiled element is applied using a custom metal die that is created using your bespoke stationery design. Your custom metal dies are heated and used to stamp the foil onto the paper. Each colour of foil is applied individually and requires an additional run through the printing press. As the hot foil is pressed into the paper it adds a pleasing indented look - especially when using thick cotton paper.


You can add foil to almost any paper. This gives a striking effect when applied to coloured paper as foil is completely opaque. Metallic foils are extremely shiny and look great when contrasted with uncoated matte paper. 

You can also add hot foil to a design that has already been printed onto the paper. A popular budget-friendly option is adding foil accents to digitally printed stationery.

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